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About us

Mobility is a right and should not be an obstacle.

We Are Qarin

Qarin wants to help travelers and clients to be able to offer the best possible mobility solutions.

We believe in a society that is accessible and accessible to everyone.
Everyone should have the ability to use public services and not be dependent on any restriction.

By integrating and optimizing public transport and transport target groups and combining this with shared and demand-driven solutions, Qarin is able to eliminate empty journey kilometers, reduce energy consumption per passenger and improve yield and efficiency per seat offered.


Meet Our Team

The Faces Behind Our Mission

We are passionate about creating mobility solutions for everyone

Your Experience. Our mission.

We take care of your trip

We believe that through a personal mobility service, we can make the lives of people with reduced mobility easier and more independent so that they can participate more smoothly in society.

We take care of your and our travelers

Travelers who use our Qarin service receive the best possible service. Our platform allows travelers to obtain information, book the trip, pay for it and travel. All this in one place. This unique and tailor-made service, combined with a personal service, ensures a comfortable and familiar journey when using public transport.

We take care of our clients and their challenges

We provide management information and dashboards for the parties we work with. In this way, own processes, employees and quality of service can be controlled. At any time and on any part of the customer's journey.


We care about mobility

We keep our technology at the forefront. We are able to build tailor-made and fully service-oriented solutions, door to door, with all mobility providers who can offer their services.

All providers of mobility services are welcome with us on the Qarin platform. We have access to bus, train, taxi, demand-driven solutions and bicycle and car sharing solutions.

On our platform, the traveler can book, plan and pay for the mobility services so that every step of the journey is arranged and organized. Without problems, without worries.

We take care of our planet

By integrating and optimizing public transport, we are able to reduce fuel consumption per seat and use the available capacity much more efficiently.